How to Prepare

How To Prepare for Competitive Exams
here We are giving some Tips how to start and how to learn. here we explaining things to Public Service Commission (PSC Exam) as we know we have some requirements before we start preparation that’s is Study materials.

Where you can find resources 

1.Any Year Book Manorama or Mathrubhumi
(Choose latest edition for getting updated information)
2.Rank files -Talent academy or brilliant maybe veto books is best
3. job-related newspapers like job news
4. Internet it’s a big source of information and help you to clarify doubts
5. Follow GkandCurrentaffirs FB page for getting latest general knowledge and current affairs
6. Youtube Videos -Help you to solve mathematical questions and English questions

How to learn effectively

1. Learn for any particular post then you have a syllabus available then it will help you where to stand and which area to be covered
2. Spend One hour daily for this
3.Record Questions by yourself and listen when you going through the bus or when you get free time but feeling tired to read books. it’s a kind of passive learning. it will help you a lot.
4. Say for lower division exam you have 10 questions for mathematics and 20 Questions for English as per questions splits. so study these areas first focus more attention here because once you got good to understand you can score full marks here.
5. Refer previous Questions papers of particular exam and recent PSC exams you might be able to get 3-5 Questions from that
6.Attend mock tests otherwise, you will find difficulties for time management during exam
7.Do combine study, Ask questions
8.Learn through memory tricks and codes
(for the long time preparing candidates ).
codes available our website
9.Apply for all exams that are conducting Psc .you will get an idea how will be Questions like.
10. Remember Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident.
11.All The best

Learn with fun and Smart, Do Smart Work not hard work.

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